Architect Keith Foster

Keith Foster’s affinity for the game of golf began early in his formative years; and as time went on, his interests moved beyond simply playing the game to also include golf course maintenance and construction. In fact, he spent eight years learning the ropes as an assistant superintendent, then eventually a superintendent.

In 1991, after working for a national design firm for several years, he established his own design firm. Inspired by his many visits to legendary courses in Great Britain and in the United States, Foster decided to take a critical look at his work. The end result was the genesis of his attention-to-detail, hands-on-type philosophy more akin to the old way of designing and building golf courses – i.e. directing and shaping its features as they unfold in the field. Foster brought this philosophy to bear at SunRidge Canyon Golf Club, and although the spectacular results speak for themselves, here’s what Foster had to say about the project.

“I was very thankful to be given the opportunity to design and build SunRidge Canyon. My desire and focus was to carve each hole softly into the stunning qualities of the property.”

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