Fitting Services

Tour Fitting involves a comprehensive evaluation of the player’s existing equipment, provides access to the largest choice of clubheads and shafts, and the clubs are built by Hot Stix Master Builders to the players exact specifications. Our expert fitters use proprietary fitting software and state of the art launch monitors to identify the best clubhead/shaft combinations.

  • Woods & Irons Fitting – $450 (Driver, Fairway woods, Hybrids, Irons & Wedges)
  • Woods Fitting – $250 (Driver, Fairway Woods, & Hybrids)
  • Driver Fitting – $150
  • Fairway Wood Fitting – $75
  • Hybrid Fitting – $75
  • Irons Fitting – $250 (Hybrids, Irons & Wedges)
  • Irons Only Fitting – $175 (No Hybrids or Wedges)
  • Wedge Fitting – $75
  • Putter Fitting – $100 Arizona Location Only

We can build specific programs based on desired needs. Call to inquire.

Shaft Fitting Only

Got the right clubs, just not sure about the shaft? With a lot of today’s modern clubs being so easily adjustable, sometimes just finding the right shaft is all you need. Let Hot Stix Golf Shaft Profile your swing to find the best shaft for your current and future equipment.

  • Driver Shaft Fitting – $100
  • All Woods Shaft Fitting – $150 (Driver, Fairway Wood & Hybrid)
  • Iron Shaft Fitting – $100